Takamanda National Park


Gazetted in 2008 the Takamanda National Park (TNP) covers a surface area of 67,600 ha. The park is an important biodiversity hotspot with endemic species, in particular the critically endangered Cross River Gorilla. The area is as well an important watershed for the Cross River basin.

The forest and vegetation formations of the Takamanda National Park are rich and diverse, qualities that are enhanced by the preponderance of micro habitat types with a unique representation of a sharp gradation from lowland forest to montane (highland) forest that show an associated floristic variations.

Since the western boundary of the park coincides with the Cameroon-Nigeria international boundary, villages on the other side of Nigeria have a direct influence on the management of the park; necessitating a trans-boundary collaboration.

The objective of the park is to conserve the biodiversity of Takamanda National Park and its periphery with the participation of all stakeholders while contributing towards the sustainable development of local communities. Currently the park service is collaborating with 18 communities in and around the park.