Sustainable Finance

National Parks in Cameroon especially those in the South West Region face enormous challenges when it comes to generating funds from the tourism industry to support themselves. Consequently, they must earmark different sources of income to ensure effective management.

That’s the reason why MINFOF within the framework of PSMNR-SWR is engaged since the beginning of the second phase of PSMNR-SWR in the design of an exit strategy to develop sustainable financing mechanisms.

So far:

  • Studies have been commissioned in 2012 to analyse various Sustainable Financing Mechanisms (SFM) options for protected areas in the South West Region.
  • In 2014, studies have equally been carried out to investigate the possibility of creating a Foundation dedicated to Mount Cameroon National Park and its peripheral zone.

The studies revealed that:

  • On average, between 2017 and 2022, total bottom-line expenses to cover management costs of each National Park supported within the framework of PSMNR-SWR is estimated at FCFA 260 million per year with a financial gap of 200 million FCFA.
  • In addition to meeting their normal operational costs, protected areas in the South West Region need to sustain the collaborative management approach they have adopted with the surrounding communities.