Forest management Unit

Sustainable Management of Forest Management Units (FMUs)

FMU monitoring1

With regards to the sustainable management of forest concessions, the following activities are implemented:
  • Field technical monitoring are organized every year in all active FMUs (11001, 11002, 1003/4, 11005 and 11006), and at least 80% of recommendations made implemented;
  • These 05 active FMUs are technically monitored and are managed in accordance their management plans and existing laws and regulations;
  • Logging and GIS databases are regularly updated and information used for management;
  • Workshops on FLEGT readiness and FSC Certification was organized for MINFOF staff and representatives of FMUs, Community and Council Forests;
  • Sensitization workshops on the Joint Order No 076 of 26 June 2012 to lay down modalities for the planning, use and monitoring of the management of revenues from the exploitation of forest and wildlife resources for councils and village communities were organized;
  • Village Forest Management Committees, Council Management Committees and Local Management Committees of for all actives FMUs are created, installed and capacitated;
  • About 240 millions are paid annually as forest royalties by the logging companies to the councils and village communities concerned and used for the realization of development projects.

So far only FMU 11005 is certified FSC and former certified FSC FMU 11001 is now attributed to SEFECCAM after the liquidation of TRC in September 2012. Furthermore, FMUs 11002, 1003/4 and 11006 are working towards OLB certification.