Korup National Park

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Gazetted in 1986 the Korup National Park (KNP) covers a surface area of 126,900 ha. The park has a high level of endemism and supports populations of medium and large mammals. KNP is the oldest national park of the lowland rainforest of Cameroon. Arguably, the park is the most species-rich African Rainforest for which comparable data exist.

The goal as stated in the present management plan is to assure the management of biodiversity and the maintenance of the integrity of KNP and to contribute to socio-economic development at local, regional, national and sub-regional levels through the full involvement of all stakeholders. The management plan will be reviewed in 2015.

The park and peripheral zone include 32 villages (five in-park and twenty-seven peripheral villages, some of which are less than 500m to the park boundary) with a population between 5-6000 inhabitants that depend almost exclusively on the park and peripheral zone resources for subsistence. Since the western boundary of the park coincides with the Cameroon-Nigeria international boundary, villages on the other side of Nigeria have a direct influence on the management of the park; necessitating a trans-boundary collaboration.